2015 wedding cake trends – French influence

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I am so excited to see that one of the wedding trends for 2015 is a strong French influence such as Croquembouches, crepes, and even macaroons. These are served at weddings, bridal showers, engagement dinners.
Going through images to share with you brought me back to when I was a little girl. At this time the classic wedding cake you would see at most French weddings was the “croque-en-bouche”. The literal translation is “crunch in your mouth”. It’s a dessert made by piling profiteroles and other sweets in a tall shape, then pouring caramel over them to hold them in place. It may also be decorated with sugared almonds, chocolate or flowers. I remember holding the small treasure in my hand, a round golden shape, and wondering what could be inside. When you bite it, first you hear a crunchy noise (I have to say the caramel makes it hard for a kid with loose teeth to chew), and then you reach the soft flavored filling which usually was vanilla flavored. It was an enchanting discovery. I cannot wait for you to try. Happy Friday! Bisous.



French wedding cake illustraion croque-en-bouche