Michelle Family portrait in Central Park NYC

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When I was a little girl, I was kind of a quiet kid and during road trips I would look through the window at buildings, houses and wonder what kind of life these families have…Do they have kids? What are they jobs? What are their names?…Do I get to know only this with friends, family members… Photographing families, couples… offer me that. I capture moments…

Jeanelle & Ryan Wedding in Memphis

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I am not the best at writing post specially that English is not my first language (if I can use this as an excuse) Can I? I much more prefer telling stories with images, capturing those tiny and big moments during your special day. Today story is Jeanelle and Ryan wedding day and I have loved being part of it. Those two are such a…

Amanda, Ryan and Jax Family portrait

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I met Amanda for the first time almost 8 years ago in Boston. My life by then was quite different. I could not have imagined than one day I would be photographing her family. When she asked me few weeks ago I was so excited. Amanda, Ryan and Jax you are such a wonderful family. Thank you for letting me capture those sweet memories. Bisous.…

2015 wedding cake trends – French influence

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I am so excited to see that one of the wedding trends for 2015 is a strong French influence such as Croquembouches, crepes, and even macaroons. These are served at weddings, bridal showers, engagement dinners. Going through images to share with you brought me back to when I was a little girl. At this time the classic wedding cake you would see at most French…

A beautiful wedding day at Annesdale mansion memphis TN

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It was such a beautiful day! Annesdale Mansion is in Memphis one of my favorite venue and Angela Mazanti an amazing wedding and event planner. I had the chance to meet her a year ago and I am always amazed with what her and her team are coming with. On Saturday it was like being a little girl in an enchanted park, the place was…

Jessica & Keith wedding at the Peabody Hotel Memphis TN

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On a warm and overcast day in July, Jessica & Keith invited their family and friends to celebrate the renewal of their vows at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. It’s a pretty amazing venue with a stunning rooftop for a wedding. It was a day full of love, laugher, dancing and singing! Jessica and Keith, you surrounded yourselves with only the best people and the…

Something Red

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Something red… I decided today to do a mood board with red! Maybe because Valentine’s day is around the corner…or maybe just because I remember those colorful hard candies called in France Berlingot. They are well known in the South of France. You find them in those old wood candy shop where candies are displayed in a porcelain candy box. When you leave the store…

Wedding dresses, Cymbeline Collection 2014

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  Happy 2014! I am excited to start my blog “Oh! Oui!”, a place to share the things I love. Photography, Design, Fashion, Food…   I closed my eyes and what I could see was wedding dresses, and specifically Cymbeline dresses. I remember starting to look at them when I was a little and I was dreaming about wearing them. Here is a selection I…

Rosalyn & Jamal Downtown Memphis

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This was such a beautiful morning whit Rosalyn and Jamal. These two are really, really  good looking and so sweet and fun to work with. We went downtown Memphis, starting at the Train station, we took some  shots in from of Earnestine & Hazel’s and inside The Arcade restaurant. Here are some of my favorites.   Save Save