Jessica & Keith wedding at the Peabody Hotel Memphis TN

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On a warm and overcast day in July, Jessica & Keith invited their family and friends to celebrate the renewal of their vows at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. It’s a pretty amazing venue with a stunning rooftop for a wedding. It was a day full of love, laugher, dancing and singing! Jessica and Keith, you surrounded yourselves with only the best people and the…

Wedding dresses, Cymbeline Collection 2014

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  Happy 2014! I am excited to start my blog “Oh! Oui!”, a place to share the things I love. Photography, Design, Fashion, Food…   I closed my eyes and what I could see was wedding dresses, and specifically Cymbeline dresses. I remember starting to look at them when I was a little and I was dreaming about wearing them. Here is a selection I…